Environment Pollution Paragraph

Environment Pollution

Environment pollution has become a serious problem in the modern world. It is the pollution of air, water, land, animals and plants. These essential elements of environment pollute in many ways. Man is the root cause of environment pollution. Industrial sectors are now advancing and increasing with the advancement of civilization. They are increasing to a great extent. Smokes from mills and factories, motor vehicles and fireplaces pollute air. Huge quantities of garbage and industrial waste pollute soil and water. In the developed countries, pollution is posing threat too. Though they have some controlling methods, they are mainly responsible for polluting environment. They cause global warming. They are mainly responsible for changing climate. Icebergs of Antarctica are always melting in an alarming degree. So the whole world is under either extreme draught or floods. Bangladesh is in the utter threat of changing climate. She is in the acute problem. Now-a-days we make too much use of insecticides which are washed into the rivers and ponds. It causes environmental pollution with its bad effect on nature. It is destroying the ecological balance. All sorts of pollution must be checked for the existence of human being.

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