Cricket and Football Paragraph

Cricket and Football

Cricket is the play of gentlemen but football is for all. It is different from football in style, manner, length and format. Both of the games are able to create craze in the minds of the supporters and viewers. They are the source of recreation and merriment for men like other sports and games. The spectators enjoy both cricket and football to a great extent. Each game has its own characteristics and taste. Yet, there are some differences between cricket and football. Cricket needs much time to enjoy. Whereas football has a shorter duration. Cricket is still confined to a few countries whereas football is prevailing in almost all countries of the world. Cricket is played with a ball and bats. On the contrary, football is played with a football. It generally needs eleven players with a captain. But the role of a captain is almost ignoring. The cricket players are also eleven in number with a captain and a vice-captain. In a cricket match, the captain plays a very vital role to win and lose. The cricket players usually wear trousers and shirts. On the contrary, football players wear shorts and jersey. In a football match, there is a goalkeeper. On the other hand, there is a wicket-keeper in a cricket match. The victory in a football match is determined of goals. But in a cricket match, runs and wickets are brought into consideration. Cricket and Football World Cups are generally held after ever four years. They become the greatest shows on earth. However, both cricket and football provide entertainment but differ from each other in many respects.

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