Democracy and Autocracy Paragraph

Democracy and Autocracy

Democracy and autocracy are two systems of government in the modern world having some merits and demerits. Public opinion is clearly reflected in a democratic system. Government of a democratic system is established by the direct support of the people. It is in a sense the government of all people. Abraham Lincoln defines democracy as the government of the people, by the people and for the people. On the contrary, an autocratic government is not at all people related. In this system, government comes to power ignoring and disregarding public opinion. In a democratic system, government cannot be despotic. The citizens of a country can change the government and establish a new one in accordance with their needs. In this system, people are the source of all power. They can enjoy their extreme right in all spheres. On the contrary, the government is the people in an autocratic system. This system does not depend on people to decide in a serious condition. Some say that democracy is a rule of the ignorant people. On the other hand, when a despotic government becomes honest, moral and ideal, the people can be more benefited. This is very good for the rapid development of a country. But a democratic government is suitable for the conscious and educated people. Thus both democracy and autocracy are entirely different and opposite to each other. They have positive and negative sides.

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