Composition Seasons in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country of seasonal variety. There are six seasons in Bangladesh. They are summer, rain, autumn, late autumn, winter and spring. Each of the seasons has its specialty. 
Summer is the first season. Baishakh and Jaistha are the months of summer. This season comes with acute hot. The sun is so hot that sometimes it becomes tiresome to do any work. Ponds and canals dry up. Villagers suffer much from the scarcity of drinking water. Cholera, typhoid break out in an epidemic form. In this season, we see hanging ripe mangoes in the trees. 
Ashar and Sraban months are the rainy season. In this season, the sky remains cloudy and it rains cats and dogs. Men can not go out without umbrella. Roads become slippery. Fishermen can catch a lot of fish. Villagers go to market for buying Hilsha. 
Bhadra and Aswin are autumn season. In this season, the sky looks blue. Sometimes, clouds are seen to float here are there in the sky. But, it does not rain. Jute is made ready for sale. In this season, the Hindus observe their Durga Puja.
Kartik and Agrahayana are late autumn season. It is the season of dew. Dew drops fall on grass. They look like pearls. Paddy ripens and it begins cutting down in this season.
 The weather is neither hot nor cold in this season. 
Poush and Magh are winter season. Cold wind blows from the Himalayas. Tree becomes leafless. Men shiver with cold. The sky becomes clear. Poor people suffer much from cold. Fresh vegetables are available in plenty everywhere. Date juice is also available in the village. 
Last of all comes spring season. It comprises the months of Falgoon and Chaitra. This season is called the king of all seasons. It is the loveliest of all seasons. Days are warm. Lifeless tress gets back life. Flowers bloom everywhere. 
With the end of the spring, the seasons in Bangladesh complete a cycle. Thus the seasons come and go making Bangladesh a land of beauty, variety and plentitude.

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