Composition Rainy Season/The Rainy Season of Bangladesh

There are six seasons in Bangladesh. The rainy season is one of them. Ashar and Sraban are the months of rainy season. But, sometimes the rainy season lasts from the middle of June to the middle of September.
 In the rainy season, the sky often remains cloudy. Violent blasts blow. The blasts blow from the Bay of Bengal carrying black clouds. As a result, it rains in torrents. Sometimes rain continues for days together. Tanks and pools that dry up in winter and summer season are all filled up again. Everywhere roads are covered with mud. In many villages people have to go here and there with boats. People can not go out without umbrella. Students can not go to school due to excessive rainfall. People can not go out in search of work. The day laborers have to starve. Fields and roads go under water. Farmers cultivate their lands and sow seeds of paddy. Villagers go to market for buying hilsha.
 The rainy season is really a blessing. Water currents bring a lot of silt and it makes the land fertile. So, it brings a lot of benefits for us. Jute and paddy grow well in rainy season. Current of water washes away dirty things. The supply of food also increases in the rainy season. The air becomes fresh and pure. Rainy season gives us comfort also. It lessens the intense heat of summer. It also gives us green nature. Trees begin to grow getting rain water. 
In spite of having a lot of advantages, rainy season has some disadvantages too. Though it is considered as blessing, sometimes it becomes sufferings. Sometimes rain continues for days together. Then, the sufferings of the people know no bounds. Excessive rainfall often turns into flood. This flood washes away our houses and crops. Moreover, many diseases such as malaria, diarrhea and dysentery etc. break out in the rainy season. 
In the long run, it can be said that though rainy season has some bad sides, it has a lot of good sides. This season is most important in our country. Because, our agriculture only depends on rain. For so, the joy of our tillers knows no bounds if there is sufficient rain in the rainy season.

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