Composition A Journey by Train/A Journey by Train That I Enjoyed

A journey is very exciting to me. It gives me much pleasure. I had a great fascination to make a train journey. So I was waiting for a train journey. In the last months, I got an opportunity to make a train journey. I enjoyed the journey very much.
I live in Mymensigh. My uncle serves in Dhaka. He lives there with his family. He invited me to pass some days with his family. I accepted the invitation gladly. My school was also closed. My heart was leaping up with joy. Because, my dream was going to be true. I was waiting the day of journey. At length, the day came. I prepared myself for the journey. The destination was Dhaka.
On the fixed day, I reached Mymensingh Railway station about one hour before of the departure of the train. Then the station became a very busy place. Rickshaws, motor cars and other vehicles were coming to the station with passengers. Coolies were running behind them. There were a large number of passengers at the station. Some were moving here and there. Some were reading newspapers. Some were gossiping in front of the tea stalls. Some hawkers were selling newspapers, magazines, books etc. I saw a long queue of passengers before the ticket counter. I stood in the queue and bought a second class ticket.
At the right time, the train stood to the definite platform. I got on the train hurriedly. Fortunately, I got a seat by the window. The seat was very comfortable. I train left the station. The speed of the train was increasing gradually. I enjoyed the green fields, trees and orchards on the both sides of the railway. The train was moving ahead leaving behind the tress, fields and houses. It was really very delightful. I reached at Kamlampur railway station after four hours later.
The journey was very pleasant. It was one of the most memorable days of my life. I shall never forget the day.

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