Composition A Journey by Boat/A Boat Journey That I Enjoyed

Journey is a source of pleasure. Bangladesh is a land of rivers and canals. So, journey by boat is very common here. One morning, I with some of my friends made a journey by boat. We went Mathbaria to Tuskhali. We enjoyed very much.
We left behind the din and bustle of the town soon. The green banks of river charmed us. We enjoyed the paddy fields, jute fields, green trees etc. We also saw a number of cottages in the both sides of the river. Village children were playing at the sides of the river. Different kinds of birds were flying here and there. The beauty of rural atmosphere gave us much pleasure.
At noon, our boat reached near a market. We halted and got down there. We went to the market and bought rice, eggs and a large Hilsa. Then we came back our boat and started cooking those. We also took necessary utensils and fuel with us. My friend Nadim started to sing a song. I and Imran joined with him. Nasir and Shamin are expert in cooking. So they were cooking. We took our lunch at 2 p.m.
After taking lunch, we launched our boat again. We tried hard to reach the destination before sunset. But we failed. We could enjoy the beauty of sunset on the calm water of the river. The shades of evening then began to spread over the earth. We came back at 8 a.m.
The journey by boat was very pleasant and I enjoyed it very much. I gathered a strange experience from that joinery from that journey. I shall never forget the journey.

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