Composition Cyclones of Bangladesh

Almost every year, cyclone occurs in Bangladesh. It comes as a natural calamity and causes untold havoc to our lives and properties.
It is a one kind of rotatory storms rising from the Bay of Bengal. It is attended with lighting, thunder and heavy rainfall.
The first indication of cyclone is that the sky in the north-west is covered with dark cloud. Then the wind begins to blow with a moaning sound. Soon the sound of the wind becomes as loud as the booming of the cannon. The current of the wind is never steady and regular, but is always fitful and violent. The whole sky looks like a sheet of dark cloud. This is the sign of the imminent crisis. Blasts of winds grow stronger. This terrific state continues for hours together and it often lasts for a whole day.
The cyclone of 1970 was one of the worst natural disasters of the 20th century. Thousands of lives were lost in this cyclone. The cyclone of 1985 and 1991 are also notable for their destructiveness. The cyclone Sidr is not tiny too. On the 15th November, 2007 it attacked our country. It also caused a huge loss to life, property and economy. Almost 3000 people lost their lives in this cyclone.
The losses of cyclones beggar description. Trees are uprooted. Houses are razed to the ground. Hundreds of boats of fishermen are capsized. Bridges and wireless towers are also damaged. The dangerous tidal bores sweep away innumerable cattle and houses. People remain foodless and shelter less for days together. Various kinds of diseases like cholera, typhoid, dysentery etc. break out in an epidemic form in the affected areas. There is the scarcity of food, clothes and drinking water everywhere. 
We can not prevent natural disasters. But disaster preparation and proper post disaster management can reduce the losses.

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