Composition Birds of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a beautiful country. It is the home of different kinds of birds. They have increased the beauty of our country. We go to sleep at night and rise early in the morning hearing the sweet songs of various birds.
There are different kinds of birds in our country. They are different in color, size and habit. They are divided into many classes.
The crow is a teasing bird. It is a very common bird in Bangladesh. It is very clever. It is ugly too. Yet it is useful. It feeds on dead animals and dirty things. The kite is also of the same habit and nature.
The cuckoo, the doel, the koel, the mayna, the nightingale etc. are known as song birds. The cuckoo is the most popular of all song birds. It comes in our country at the beginning of spring. The doel is our national bird.
The doves, the pigeon, the snipe, the heron, the Pankauri are well known game birds. They are famous for their flesh. 
The vulture and the hawk are birds of prey. They live on flesh and fish. These birds have keen eyes and sharp nails. 
There are some birds which build their nests with great skill. These kinds of birds are called tailor birds. The swallow, the tuntuni and the babui are the tailor birds. 
Many quest birds come from other countries in autumn and winter season. They increase the natural beauty of our country. 
The pigeon, the hen and duck are domestic birds. They give us flesh and eggs. Thus they contribute to our family income. 
Birds are our national wealth. They are helpful and useful to us in many ways. Therefore, we should not kill birds. We should take proper care of them.

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