International Mother Language Day Paragraph For Any Class

February 21st is known as International Mother Language Day. It is a red letter day in the history of Bangladesh. The history of the 21st February dates back to 1952. The Pakistani rulers declared Urdu as the state language of Pakistan. The Bangalees protested against it. They brought out procession violating curfew. As a result, police fired on the procession and Rafique Jabbar, Salam and Barkat died on the spot. Now this day is observed all over the world as the International Mother Language Day. On this day people get up early in the morning and remember the sacrifices of the martyrs who died for our mother tongue Bangla. They walk barefoot to the Shaheed Minar. Most of them wear black badges on their shoulders as a sign of mourning. They go the Shaheed Minar singing the mourning song "Amar Bhaier Rokte Rangano Ekushey February ..."They pay homage to the martyrs. They offer flowers and special prayers for the salvation of the departed souls of the martyrs. The national flag keeps half-mast on this day. This day is a public holiday. People attend different meetings and seminars. The memory of this day will remain ever fresh in our minds.

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