Our National Flag Paragraph For Any Class

The national flag means the flag that represents a country. Our national flag symbolizes our independence. We have got our national flag through hard struggle. We fought for nine months against the Pakistani occupation forces. The Pakistani occupation forces burnt our houses, killed thousands of innocent people. The Bangalees formed, Mukti Bahini and they fought bravely against the occupation forces. After nine months of bloody struggle we defeated the occupation forces and got our independence on 16th December, 1971. Thus we have got our national flag at the cost of great sacrifice and blood of 30 lacs martyrs. Our national flag is very beautiful to look at. It is rectangular in size. Its length and breadth is 5:3 in proportion. Our National flag is dearer to us than our lives. When we look at it, we feel great love for our country. We can uphold its honour by doing our national duty properly. We must not do anything that destroys the image of our country.

লেখা-লেখি করতে ভালোবাসেন? লেখালেখির মাধ্যমে উপার্জন করতে যুক্ত হতে পারেন আমাদের সাথে Telegram এ!
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1 comment

  • titan
    17 May, 2021
    thats too simple bro..need something big and unique