A Winter Morning Paragraph For Any Class

A winter morning in our country is foggy. It is cold outside. There is dense fog everywhere. Nature looks dull in a winter morning. Everything looks hazy. Things at a little distance can hardly be seen. The leaves of the trees are covered with fog and they are not seen from a distance. The sun usually rises late in a winter morning. Dew-drops fall from the leaves of the trees. A cold wind blows. So, the cattle stand in a shivering body. The goats bleat in the severe cold. They do not like to come out of the shed. People get up from bed late. They put on warm clothes in a winter morning. The old and the children do not like a winter morning. Sometimes children and people gather straws to make fire and seat around to warm themselves. They also bask in the sun. The students do not like a winter morning. Sometimes they do not want to go to school. It is the time of date juice. So, the rich people prepare delicious food like pias in winter morning. People also eat sweet cakes like bhapa pitha in a winter morning. In the cities people eat hot cakes from the road side vendors.


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