How to Observe a Birthday Paragraph For Any Class

Birthday party is the happiest program for everyone. A child waits for the day whole year. he expected some gift on the day to nearest. But birthday party arranging is not so hard. Anyone can arrange it at home. It is not also so cost full. If anyone wishes to observe his birthday, he is to do these things. First, he is to invite this relatives and friends. Secondly, he is to decorate his house nicely with balloons and others. He will also put on his new dress. Thirdly he will arrange a birthday cake. Fourthly after the arrival of the invited guests, he will light the candle, cut the cake in the middle of the song ‘Happy Birthday To You’ and everyone clapping. He should first feed a piece of cake to his nearest one then one by one. Then serve the prepared delicious food to them. After the meal, a short cultural program is arranged. Finally, the guests leave wishing him many happy returns of the day.

I celebrated my 14th birthday on the 16th of March. My sisters, Reena and Mina cleaned and decorated the drawing room decently with flowers and festoons of colored papers. They arranged the dining table and chairs beautifully. Mother prepared many delicious dishes. All my close friends and relatives were invited. The party started at 4:00 with the cutting of the cake and the singing of the birthday song. There was a festive mood and everybody wished me all the best. I felt very happy and jubilant. I also spoke for two minutes thanking my friends and relatives for their wonderful gifts, for their best wishes and blessings. The party came to an end at 6:00 in evening and the guests departed.

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