Greenhouse Effect Paragraph For Any Class

The greenhouse effect is the process by which the air surrounding the earth is becoming warmer day by day. In other words, it is the gradual warming of the air which ultimately results in the gradual increase in world temperature. It is the horrible consequence of different types of environmental pollution. It causes the rise of temperatures which can bring about different kinds of natural disasters. These are many causes of the greenhouse effect. The burning down of green tropical forests, the increasing development of industry, the use of CFCs in different commercial products, the use of detergents- all are the causes of the greenhouse effect. It can greatly damage men’s ability to produce food, can destroy wildlife. For it, sea level can rise and flood the coastal area and farmlands. In order to protect ourselves from its catastrophic impact we should take some effective measures. We should plant more trees and should not use CFCs and other poisonous chemicals indiscriminately.

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