War of Independence Paragraph

War of Independence

The name of our country is Bangladesh. Before 1971 it was known as East Pakistan. Then we were the part of the then Pakistan. They oppressed us in many ways. They did not give our rights. On 25th March 1971 the barbarous Pakistani army invaded our mother land. They killed thousands of men and women and injured a lot. Many women were tortured. But people could not bear it any more. They made themselves ready to protect the invaded army. Many common people, with help of Indian government, fought against them. They fought for independence. So it is war of independence of Bangladesh. After nine months' hard struggle, Bangladesh emerged as an independent country. But it took lives of more than thirty lakh of people. Hundreds of intellectuals of the country were killed. Hundreds of villages were razed to the ground and a large number of schools and colleges were destroyed. Our roads, railways, water-ways and air-ways were disrupted. Now we are a free nation and 26 March is our independence day. It is a red letter day in our national history. We celebrate the day every year in the country with great enthusiasm and fervour. It is a national holiday. The day begins with 31 gunshots. Early in the morning the President and the Prime Minister on behalf of the nation place floral wreaths at the National Musolium at Savar. People from all walks of life also come there with rallies and processions. The country also witnesses a smartly dressed parade of various defense forces and different cultural programmes. Special prayers are offered at different mosques, temples and churches for the martyrs of the war of independence. In the evening, all major public buildings are illuminated with colourful lights.

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