The Usefulness of A Library Composition

The Usefulness of A Library

A library is a store house of knowledge. It satisfies our thirst for the unseen and the unknown. No educational institution is complete without a library. Like all other educational institutions our school has a big library. Our shcool is a three storeyed building. The library is situated in the ground floor.

Our school library is in a large spacious room. It is well ventilated. It has eight windows and three doors. There is good sitting arrangement here. Fifty students can read at a time. It is divided into two parts. In one part there is a reading room and a centre for issuing books. In the other parts there are twenty five shelves where the books are neatly arranged. In the library there are tables set with chairs around. The students sit on these chairs and read books and make notes.

Our school library has a rich collection. There are about ten thousand books on different subjects. There are some rare collections and classical books. These reference books help the students to know more which is beyond their knowledge.

There is a qualified librarian to help the students. There is a big reading room. It is well furnished. When we take the help of a catalogue, the librarian at once helps us. We are issued cards. We can borrow book from the library. We are to return the borrowed books. If anybody does not, he is lined. Our library is very helpful to us. A library widens the mental horizon of a student, It broadens his outlook and deepens his knowledge. It is not possible for a student to travel the world around him. A book makes him acquainted with the whole world and it is a library which contains these books. Again it is impossible for a student to buy all books. So he can manage the book from the library and derive much benefit.

Our library has a great attraction to us. I am proud of my library.

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