The Result of The Jealousy of The Queen Story

The Result of The Jealousy of The Queen

Once a queen was jealous of beauty of her only step daughter named Snow White. She ordered her huntsman to kill Snow White. But the huntsman, instead of killing Snow White, left her in the forest. While she was running in the forest out of fear, seven dwarfs found her. They took her to their house and brought her up. Once a prince came by that forest. As soon as he saw her, he fell in love with her. married her and took her to his kingdom. The queen heard that and went to the prince's palace to kill Snow White. As soon as she arrived, the prince's guard şeized her and took her to the prince. He ordered his people to punish her. Snow White came to know this thing and rushed to the spot. The queen repented and begged pardon of Snow White. Snow White was very kind hearted. She forgave the queen. From that time onward Snow White started spending time happily with the prince.

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