The Annual Sports of Your School Composition

The Annual Sports of Your School

Sports are a part of education. Hence the importance of sports needs not explanation. Our school is puted one in Dhaka city. Our school arranges sports every year which include both indoor and outdoor games. The annual sports are part of the co-curricular activities of our school.

Generally the annual sports of our school are held in winter season, which falls in November or December. The sports progamme is an occasion of joy and excitement for the students of the school. Students from every class and sections participate in the various events of the sports.The progamme is a memorable and enjoyable events for the students.

The annual sports of our school are held in the first week of every December. Last December, the annual sports of our school were held in our school campus and in the school playground. The sports had two phases-indoor games and outdoor games. Indoor games were held in the school campus and the outdoor games were held in our playground. Students attended both the phases.

A central comittee was formed to conduct and supervise the events. The whole programme lasted for three days. On the first day, the programme was inaugurated by the principal at 9 am in the morning. The headmaster started the programme by flying a colourful hosts of baloons with spectators clapping their hands. Then indoor games began. Students of various classes took part in groups in various events. The events of the indoor games were carom board, table tennis, chess, etc. And the events of the outdoor games were high jump, long jump. sprint events, disc throwing, cricket etc. The indoor games were held for two days, and the last day was for outdoor games. Students joined the events very enthusiastically.

After the end of the events, the names of winners and runners up were announced. Each winner was awarded a prize and certificate. The headmaster handed over prizes among the winners. I took part in some events. But I won only in three events. I became champion in chess in my group, won first prize from my section in 100 metre sprint and became runners up in long jump from my group. So I received three prizes.

The annual sports of our school ended peacefully and joyfully. The sports gave us a great relief and joy. It was a break from the monotony and rigid routine of class and exams. The sports are occasion of entertainment, refreshment and developing our co-curricular skils. We enjoyed the progamme very much.

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