Slow But Steady Wins The Race Story

Slow But Steady Wins The Race
Pride Goes Before a Fall

Long ago there lived a hare in a forest. He was always proud of his speed. A tortoise also lived nearby. The hare always teased the tortoise for his slow speed. Being angry at this, one day the tortoise made a proposal to run a race with the hare. The hare gladly accepted his proposal. On the appointed day, they met a cross road. The destination of the race was also marked. Finally, the unequal race began. The hare, from the beginning, started running at the top speed and soon left the tortoise far behind. Crossing almost half of the distance the hare looked back. He found no sign of the tortoise. The hare smiled and said to himself, "I am really a fool. I have run so fast for nothing. I am perhaps ten times as fast as a tortoise. Why should I run so fast in the hot sun with the slow speed tortoise? I will start again when the tortoise will about to catch me and before that I can take rest for a while." The hare took rest and at one point he fell asleep. On the contrary, the tortoise continued running as fast as he could. On the way he found the hare sleeping and silently ran past him. While the hare was sleeping, the tortoise came near the destination. In the mean time, the hare woke up and started running very fast. But it was too late. When he reached near the destination, he found the tortoise sitting on the last line i.e. the goal. The hare had no way to defeat the tortoise and he ſailed. Winning the race the tortoise became very happy and the hare felt ashamed of his tall talk.

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