My Visit To a Place of Historical Interest Paragraph

My Visit To a Place of Historical Interest

During the last autumn vacation I got an opportunity to visit Bagerhat, a great historical place. The Mazar of Khan Jahan Ali is a fine one storeyed building. It has a beautiful dome. Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali was buried there. The tomb is made of cut out stones. There is a small mosque nearby. A close associate (919) ol Khan Jahan Ali was buried outside the tomb. On the night of the full moon of the month of Chaitra (Cougaona garn Taa) a big fair is held beside the Mazar. Many people attend the fair. There is a big tank in front of the Mazar. The local people call it the Dighi of Khan Jahan Ali. There are some crocodiles in this big tank. I also visited the Satgambuj Mosque. It is a big and beautiful building. The mosque is beautifully decorated. The mosque has great attraction for the tourists and visitors. There is a big dighi near the Satgambuj Mosque. This dight is called the Ghora Dighi. I visited this Dighi and came to know many things about the social work of Khan Jahan Ali. Bagerhat is really a place of historical interest. I spent eight hours there and saw many historical things and enjoyed myself. I left Bagerhat but the memory still haunts my mind.

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