Happiness Lies in Contentment Story

Happiness Lies in Contentment

Once there lived a happy cobbler who passed his days in working and singing from morning till night. A rich neighbour of his was a banker who one day said to him. "How much a year do you earn?" The cobbler laughed and said, "How much a year, Sir; I never reckoned in that way, living as I do from hand to mouth; each day some how brings its meal and I am happy." The banker said, "I have resolved to place you above the fear of want. Take these thousand pounds, preserve them carefully and use them in time of need." The cobbler who had never seen so much money at a time in his life before, hurried home and buried his treasure in the earth, but alas! he buried his happiness with it too because at night he could not enjoy a sound sleep. He would remain alert the whole night. He would think of the money. Thus he lost his sleep and happiness. One day he went to the banker and told him that his money had snatched away his sleep. So he told the banker to take his money back and finally the cobbler returned the money to the banker. Again he was able to enjoy sound sleep and mental peace and happiness. Thus it was proved that true happiness lies in contentment.

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