Failure is The Pillar of Success Story

Failure is The Pillar of Success

It was long since Robert Bruce had been the king of Scotland. Scotland was then under the domination of England. Robert Bruce wanted to gain freedom of his country and fought against Edward I of England. He met the English soldiers in six battles one by one. But he was defeated each time. At last, he lost heart and gave up the hope of success. Robert Bruce was dethroned. He fled away to save his life. One day he was lying in a cave in a forest. He noticed a spider trying to reach the top of the steep wall of the cave. It fell down again and again, but it did not give up its attempts. At its seventh attempt, it succeeded in reaching the top. This encouraged Bruce very much. Gathering his soldiers together, he led an expedition against England. He overthrew the English army and secured the independence of Scotland.

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