Environment Pollution Composition

Environment Pollution

Environment pollution is a much-talked topic of the present time. Our life is so deeply and invariably related to environment that any pollution of it causes dangers and brings about different disasters. In fact, a sound environment is the precondition of a sound living. However, our environment is being polluted in a number of ways. In Bangladesh, the level of environmental pollution has reached high and it is high time we checked environment from being spoilt.

Things surrounding us are called environment. So air, water, soil, trees, plants, animals all these are elements of environment. All things that make up the environment are interrelated and this interrelation is known as ecology. Any change in this interrelation due to pollution disrupts ecological balance and cause different kinds of environmental disasters.

Environment is being polluted in a number of ways. Human beings and their unscrupulous activities are mostly responsible for all kinds of pollution occured.

Air is the most vital element of the environment. Air is being polluted by the smoke and different gases emitted from various sources. Mills, factories, powerhouses, automobiles produce a lot of smoke which contain carbon-di-oxide, carbon-mono-oxide, sulphur oxide, nitrous oxide and other gases. Increasing population need more fuel and more cars. So, when they clear forests for wood and burn them as fuel, and run car by burning gasoline, they create smoke. This also pollutes the air.

Water, another important element of the environment is also being polluted in many different ways. Mills and factories, water-vehicles, and human beings throw their waste products and rubbish in the water and thus pollute water. Insanitary latrines, chemical fertilizers and insecticides used in farmlands, drainage and swerage lines also contribute to further pollution.

We also experience sound and odour pollution. Modern life is full of machines. And different types of machines, transports and also metal works create a lot of noise and causes sound pollution. Again, due to lack of proper disposal, rubbish dumped here and there create stinking smell causing odour pollution.

Environmental pollution badly and seriously affect our lives. Pollution causes various health hazards. A polluted environment breeds different kinds of germs and diseases, some of which are very fatal for human lives. People not only suffer from various diseases and illness, their normal life is also destroyed.

Besides health hazards, environmental pollution causes other harms. It causes temperatures to rise. As a result, different epidemic break out and natural disaster occur. Thus environmental pollution harms both lives and nature. Today, we know that environment pollution is the major cause of global warming, and consequently climate change. And, as a consquence of global warming of climate change, the whole human race will face unprecedented calamity and danger.

Recent study shows that environmental pollution directly but negatively influences economic productivity. Pollution of environent hampers poor people's ability to earn and produce crops. Again, due to pollution, they fall victim to different health hazards, which reduce their work efficiency and earning capacity. And as a result of pollution, the environment cannot support with maximum production, like food crops, fresh air, clean water and other natural and agricultural resources. All these contribute to poverty and a decrease in the economic productivity. According to a survey, environment pollution causes 2% decrease of the GDP rate.

As we can not avoid industrialization and urbanization process, and also the use of chemicals and machines in our lives, preventing environmental pollution is a big challenge. However, raising awareness about how to protect environment and how to reduce pollution can be a good solution. Apart from this, we have to use environment-friendly ſuels-like bio fuels or natural gas, and also environment friendly machines. Finally, environment protection laws should be made effective and those who pollute environment indiscriminately or violate laws, should be severely punished.

Environmental pollution is a global issue. In Bangladesh, the problem requires special attention and address because we are heading towards a disaster as our environment is now in a very adverse condition. If we want to live a healthy and peaceful life and a sound and better living, we must prevent environmental pollution and protect the environment.

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