Ekushey Book Fair Paragraph

Ekushey Book Fair

A book fair is an exhibition of books. Here books are sold and showed to the people for popularisation. Such a fair is organised by the publishing companies' organizations. It is held in the premises of an organization or in an open place. A popular book fair is organized every year by the Bangla Academy in its premises on the occasion of 21 February. So it is called Ekushey Book Fair. The fair lasts for the whole month of February. It is the largest book fair in our country. It has created a sense of interest for books amongst the general mass. In the fair hundreds of pavilions are set up. Newly published novels, all sorts of books - fictions, text books, reference books, dramas, children books etc. are displayed and sold in the fair. There are also food and drink stalls. Seminars and cultural programmes are also held. The fair becomes crowdy specially in the evening. Men and women, boys and girls, adults and children visit this fair and purchase books of their favourite writers. The writers also visit the fair to see how their books sell. The readers now get the opportunity to meet their favourite writers and to talk to them. So this book fair creates interest among the readers and writers. Truly, it encourages people to form the habit of writing, reading and buying books.

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