E-mail to Your Friend Describing Your Hostel Life

An e-mail to your friend describing your hostel life.

Subject: Description of my hostel life

Dear Nishi,
I am very happy to receive your e-mail. I have just read it. You have wanted to know about my I hostel life. Now I am giving a short description of it. I am also sending you some photos snapped with my hotel mates in the mail attachment. There are twenty-five students in my hostel. We all are about the same age. In the afternoon we play different games too. Our hostel Super is a nice lady and she takes particular care of us. She monitors us all the time so that we may not face any difficulty. But everything is not altogether good. The hostel's canteen and dining room are in a mess. The foods are of low quality. The canteen, kitchen and utensils are full of dirt. There is also lack of security in our hostel. So, there are occasional occurrences of theft in here. 
But don't get worried. I am trying to be habituated in the environment. No more today. Convey my regards to your parents. 
Yours ever, 

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