E-mail to The Headmistress of Your School Seeking Permission to Allow Your Father to Receive The Admit Card on Your Behalf

Suppose, you are an SSC examinee. Your admit card for the examination has arrived in your school. As you live far away from school, it is not possible for you to draw the admit card personally at the moment. Now, write an e-mail to the headmistress of your school seeking permission to allow your father to receive the admit card on your behalf

Subject: Regarding receiving Admit Card

I have the honour to state that I will appear at the SSC examination to be held on 2nd Febrary 2014. I have heard that the admit cards of the examination have arrived in the school. At present I have been at my village home which is quite far from Chittagong City. My father is a doctor working in Chittagong Medical College. I would, therefore, request you to allow my father to receive the admit card on my behalf.
Yours faithfully,
Rita Sen

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