An Honest Rickshaw Puller Story

An Honest Rickshaw Puller

Abdur Rahim is a rickshaw puller. He is very poor. Everyday he has to work hard to maintain his family. Oneday, while he was pulling rickshaw, a gentleman got on his rickshaw. The man reached the destination and paid him the fare. But at the time of putting his purse into his pocket, it dropped inside the rickshaw. The man went away. It was mid day. It was also time to deposit the richshaw at the garage. Rahim went to the garage. As soon as he got down, he saw a moneybag on the rickshaw. He went home with the moneybag and found some money in it. His wife told him to use some of the money. But he was honest. He tried to find out the owner of the moneybag. At last he found out the owner of the moneybag. The owner took the moneybag from him and gave him only thanks. When he came back home, his wife rebuked him for his foolishness.

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