The Realization of the Tortoise Story

A long while ago a tortoise sat on the dusty land and watched the birds wheeling and circling in the air over his head. He grew dissatisfied with his lowly life when he saw so many of them enjoying themselves in the clear blue sky, he longed to join them and share their freedom. only I could get myself up into the air I'm sure I could soar and swoop with the best of them. He thought. He pondered on this problem for a long time: the sun burned down and he got hotter and hotter and more discontented as he enviously watched the birds. Suddenly an eagle came to rest on a rock close beside him. The tortoise noticed it. Then he hit upon a plan that he would hold the legs of the eagle at the time of his flying away so that he could soar up in the air. So he approached the eagle. But the eagle was sitting at so high a place that he could not get to him. Finding no other means he expressed his great desire of flying in the sky to the eagle. The eagle responded to his urge. He came down and told the tortoise that he would make his great desire come true at least for a while. He let the tortoise hold his legs and then he flew in the air. As the tortoise never soared up in the air, he felt it very awkward. When the eagle flew higher and higher more swiftly, the tortoise became very worried and at last he could not hold its (E) legs any more. Consequently it fell down but not in water, in the woods. He was lucky because he fell on the soft grass and he had a hard shell covering him. So somehow he was saved from death. This mishap happened to the tortoise left a great lesson for him. Since then he never became dissatisfied with the condition he had. He also never longed for anything that is not possible for him and never became envious of other's goodness.

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