Of Love Or Love Paragraph

Of Love

Love is a strong feeling of deep affection for somebody or something. It is generally of various types. It may be universal love, parental love, friendly love, sexual love or romantic love, married love, neighborly love, monetary love and specific love. Universal love is the love for all things and being created by Allah. Parental love is the affection that exists between parents and children. A mother's love for her children is the love of this kind. Friendly love is felt by friends for each other. Lovers have romantic or sexual love for each other. Married love is the love of the married couple. When you love some hobby or habit or game, it is specific love. Your love for the study of Shakespeare is such a love. Neighbourly love is the love for your neighbour. Monetary love is the strong passion that you have for money. The advantage of love is not one but many. Geoffrey Chaucer says, "Love conquers all”. It makes the world go round. The disadvantage or danger of love cannot be ascribed to every kind of love. Universal love is always good but monetary love is always bad. There is a proverb, "The love of money is the root of all evil." Too much romantic love leads to death or suicide. Bacon rightly said, "Nuptial love maketh manikind; friendly love perfected it; but wanton love corruptet or embaseth it." But Shakespeare says, "Love is merely a madness." Love is indeed able to strengthen the weak and weaken the strong. It is a feeling or emotion having a magnetic effect on human mind.

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