Language and Music Paragraph

Language and Music

Language is a medium of expressing ourselves and music is similar to language in many respects. Music combines easily with actual language. It also speaks a language of its own. It is called universal language. It has its organising factors of rhythm, melody, harmony, colour and form. Similarly, language has also those elements. Music has its alphabet of seven letters. Language has also alphabet consisting of some letters. In respect of the English language, there are twenty six letters of the alphabet for example. Each of these letters represents a note as in language certain letters are complete words in themselves. Several words of a language form a phrase. Several phrases make a complete sentence. The same thing is true to music. Measured music corresponds to poetry. But the old unmeasured song might be compared with prose. A note of music generally implies a certain harmony. In modern music, the notes take the form of actual chords. So it may be said that a chord in music is similar to a word in language. The relationship of modern music to free verse is quite apparent. Different modern concepts are found in language. Impressionism, expressionism, imagism, cubism and futurism are remarkable concepts of language. They are also found in music. Thus language and music are similar in many points.

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