Composition Pahela Baishakh of Bangladesh

Pahela Baishakh is a popular festival in Bangladesh. It is the first day of Bangla year. It is celebrated all over the county with great fun and frolic.
Emperor Akbar introduced the festival of Pahela Baishakh. Since then the people of this country have been celebrating the day every year. Today the most important feature of the day is that traders and shopkeepers open new Khata which is known as Halkhata and offer sweets to their customers and clients. In fact, it is a very significant day to the all classes of Bengali.
Different kinds of national festivals are observed in Bangladesh. Pahela Baishakh is one of them. It is celebrated in Bangladesh with great enthusiasm. The day is a public holiday. Various socio cultural organizations take elaborate programmes to celebrate the day in a befitting manner. People wear their traditional dress on the day. National dailies bring out special supplement on the occasion of Pahela Baishakh. Radio and television telecast special programmes. The institute of Fine Arts of Dhaka University brings out a colorful procession carrying festoons, banners placards, posters and wearing masks to welcome the Bangla New Year. Different government and non-government organizations organize cultural functions on the day.
In Dhaka, the first programme of the festival begins at down at Ramna Batamul. Chhayanat arranges the programme. The famous artists of the country take part in the function. Visitors take the pantha and Hilsha fish there. 
Different kinds of programmes are organized all over the country. Baishakhi mela is a special attraction of the day. Discussion meetings are held in different educational institutions. Cultural functions are also organized in these institutions. 
The day of Pahela Baishakh is a significant day in the life of the Bengalis. It is a great source of joy and enthusiasm. People of all classes enjoy the day very much. If bears a great significance in the sphere of tradition and culture of Bangladesh.

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