Composition Environment Pollution

In the present age, environment pollution is a very important matter. We are going towards destruction due to environment pollution. Environment makes us survive. We get everything from nature to meet the needs of our life. But we are very worried because our environment is being polluted day by day. 
It seems that there lies the universal conflict between nature and man. Nature makes us service. Once our environment was free from pollution. But in course of time, pollution has increased. Men begin to use various chemical substances that harm to the environment. Pollution begins in water, land, air and above all environment. Researchers say that cancer and deformity cause due to the use of chemicals. 
Air an important element of our environment. Our air is polluted by smoke. Man makes fire to cook food burn bricks and melt tar for road construction. Fire creates smoke and pollutes the air. Railways engines and powerhouse create smoke by burning coal and oil. Mills and factories also belch a lot of smoke. Buses, trucks and cars use petrol and diesel oil and these pollute the air in large scale. 
Another vital element of the environment is water. It is also polluted in various ways. Men pollute water by throwing waste. Farmers use chemical fertilizers and inscribes in their agriculture field. The rain and floor wash away these chemicals and these get mixed with water in rivers canals and ponds. Mills, factories and water vehicles also pollute river water. 
Sound pollution is another obstacle to lead a comfortable life. There is much disturbing sound made by men and machines. It causes serious harm to our health. People suffer from hypertension or heart dieses due to sound pollution. It also causes mental disorder of the babies. 
Greenhouse effect is another threat to our environment. It causes due to the rise in the temperature of the climate of the world. The snow in the poles will gradually melt and the water level of the sea will rise due to greenhouse effect. This is no doubt a serious threat to our existence. 
However, to ensure our existence in each we should remain free from all sort of pollution. So, environment pollution must be stopped anyhow. People should be conscious about the dangerous effects of environment pollution. Government and conscious people must come forward to stop environment pollution. Moss media can also play a vital role to make conscious people.

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