Composition My First Day at College A Memorable Day In My Life

Everybody has some special days in life. There are some special days in my life also. One of the special days of my life is my first day at college. There are some sweet memories of my first day at college. I can clearly remember my first day at college.
When I entered into the college campus, I felt much delight and proud. I found greater freedom here than I did at school. I felt that my life suddenly became valuable and respectable. But I felt very loneliness. Because, I did not find any close friend in the college campus. At last, I found two close friends in the college campus and I felt much delight. I walked here and there in the college campus. My curiosity was increasing to move from one room to another. Almost all the rooms were big and broad. The college assembly hall was a special attraction. It was spacious and was beautifully decorated. I have much fascination of reading books. Truly speaking, my heart was leaping with joy when I visited the college library. Because, there was enormous collection of books here. I also visited the college common room. I was also satisfied with it. It was well furnished. Carom, table tennis, chess sets, newspapers, magazines and periodicals all were there. I took part in table tennis. The chatty atmosphere of the common room was really enjoyable.
When the bell rang, I entered into the classroom. Almost all students attended in the class. When our English teacher entered into the classroom, we respected him to stand up. He introduced himself. He behaved with the students friendly. Then the another class was held. I attended that class also. The both classes were very enjoyable.
My fist day at college was really very thrilling. It opened up before me a new vision of life. It was really a day of discover and new experience. I shall never forget the day.

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