Composition My Childhood/My Childhood Memories/How I Spent My Childhoon

The day gone is gone forever. Only memories remain in human mind. These memories make cry sometimes and make laugh sometimes. But we never can cut out them from life. For that reason, childhood memories are the sweetest in man's life. I have also some childhood memories in my life.
Childhood memories are the sweetest time of human mind. My childhood memories are not les sweet. I was born in a small village in Mathbaria Thana. My father was a government employee. Ours was a simple house where I lived happily in the midst of my parents, sisters and brothers. There was another member in my family. She is my grandmother. She was very affectionate. She loved me most. I am shocked that I lost her a few years ago. But I am lucky that even now my father and mother are alive.
There is a ground in front of my house. Paddy and other crops are grown in the ground. The golden color of the paddy field attracted me much. Every afternoon after coming from school, I went to my playground through the paddy field. The paddy plants touched me. I got mixed in the midst of beauty of nature. I shall never forget those moments of my life.
In the afternoon, I took part in games. Sometimes, I and my playmates arranged sports competition. The boys of far villages came to take part in games. Monir, Mizan, Nasir, Rasel, Somir, Kamlesh were my close childhood friends and playmates. I shall never forget them and those days.
Another interesting memory of my childhood is going to village market. I used to go to the market with father. It was one of the biggest markets in our locality. There were many shops in the market. I returned home with a bag of bought things. 
My village primary school was also another interesting place. I used to go to school with my friends. We would learn our lessons with great noise. 
The days, the months, the years go away. My duties are increasing day by day. I always look for the days of my childhood. But I know that it is not possible to get back those days. So, it should not kill present days thinking the past days. Because, past is always past.

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