Composition How I Celebrated My Birthday

I was born on 15th October in 1997. For me, it is a special day. Yesterday I celebrated my birthday. It was really one of the exciting and memorable days in my life. 
I was busy decorating the drawing room. My younger sister helped me. My father had a very different notion about the celebration of my birthday. Last year, he had taken me to an orphanage and had made me contribute money to the welfare fund. This year, he took me such places. 
My friends started arriving in the afternoon. They all arrived around 4.p.m I welcome each of them warmly and made them sit comfortably in the drawing room that was beautifully decorated. They brought gifts for me. My uncle who lives abroad sent me a nice laptop.
When all the friends and relatives had come, my mother brought the cake in the drawing room. The candles were lit on. My friends were singing 'Happy Birthday and I blew out the candles and used a knife to carve out small pieces of the cake. Everyone wished me a prosperous future. Some snacks were also served. 
We also arranged some games. We all got ready to take part in the games. Every game seemed to be full of fun. My friends all roared with laughter. After some times, some of my friends started to sing come. They sung at least five songs. The friends came from far places, started taking leave. Then the term of my going to different places came. My father took me a charitable institution and an orphanage. I gave money for the welfare fund. 
However, every year I wait eagerly for my birthday as I feel very happy on this day.

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