Comparing a bird in the sky with a bird in a cage Paragraph

Comparing a bird in the sky with a bird in a cage.

A bird in the sky is happy in liberty but a bird in the cage is sad in chain and dependence. A bird is actually a free creature in this world. It is habituated to live its own world. It makes nest on the branch of a tree and produces its own image. It loves to fly in the sky freely. It flies from place to place and collects food all day long. But it is often caught and encaged. So it is deprived of its normal life. It cannot fly and produce its natural sounds freely. It loses its natural course of life. In a cage, a bird may get better food and security. But it loses its freedom to fly in the sky joyfully. This freedom is the most valuable of all. But it is snatched away in a cage. A bird in a cage cannot fly cheerfully. It loses its dear happiness. It cannot mix with other creatures in wilderness. It forgets to sing and leads a dull and lazy life in a cage. A bird in cage does not live as long as a bird in the open sky. There is a proverb that the wild animals are beautiful in forests as the babies are in mothers' lap. John Webster says, "Robin-red-breast does not live long in the cages." It means every living being has a particular place where it is best suited. In the cage, a bird's life loses its rhythm. It becomes full of sorrow and misery. On the other hand, a bird in the sky gets all rhythm to lead a free life which makes it happy and meaningful.

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