An Instance of Devotion to Mother Story

Once there lived a widow in a village 'Bostam' in Iran. She had one child named 'Bayezid'. He was the the eye of his mother. He was also very much devoted to her., One day the mother became very ill. At the dead the cry, young Bayezid woke up and saw there was no water in the jug. He at once, went out in search of water. But the source of water was far away from their cottage. The boy alone went there and took a jug of water. apple of of night she cried out, "water ! water Hearing When he came back, he saw his ailing mother sleeping again deeply. Bayezid did not want to interrupt her sleep. He remained standing by her head with a glass of water thinking that she might cry for water again. He was waiting for the moment when his mother would wake up again. He was standing still till the Azan for the dawn prayer. At the sound of Azan, his mother woke up, and became surprised to see her son standing by her bed with a glass of water. Why are you standing, my boy?" she asked. "Because, you're crying for water," replied the boy. "But why didn't you awake me?" I didn't want to interrupt your deep sleep. O Allah! include my son with your beloved ones," She prayed. The mother burst into tears at the devoted attitude of her young son and prayed to Allah for his bright future. So Bayezid is still respectable to us all. We remember him for his extraordinary devotion to his mother.

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