Helpful Dove and Grateful Ant Story

Once upon a time there lived a dove. It was passing its days happily One day while he was sitting on a tree beşide a river, he saw an ant drinking water in the river, When he was drinking water, a wave snatched him away, carrying him far off down the stream. As hard as he tried, he could not manage to swim to the banK. The dove felt pity for the poor creature. She thought she should do something for the ant. So she broke a branch from a nearby tree and dropped it into the water. The ant did not delay but clambered nimbly on to the branch and at last reached the safety of the bank. No long after this, on a fine spring day the dove was sitting on a tree. She was singing in a melodious voice. Through her melodious voice, she was inviting her lover because she became so romantic on such a fine spring day. But unfortunately she was caught sight of by a hunter. The hunter aimed at her. In the meantime the ant came and noticed it. He remembered the great help of the dove. He hurriedly but on the sly got to the hunter and bit him severely. Being troubled by the ant the hunter moved forward. The sudden movement of the hunter caused a sound. Hearing the sound the dove could escape from being killed by flying away. Afterwards the dove met the ant and expressed her gratefulness to him (A). Since then they became good friends. In fact, helping others selflessly never goes unrewarded. He who helps others selflessly is helped by them somehow, somewhere, some time.

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