Experience of a Fire Accident Story

Last sunday I went to bed at 9 p. m. and slept a sound sleep. Suddenly I woke up at about a hue and fox came along us ex с 24. cry at a little distance. I got up from bed andran to the spot. I saw that a cottage was ourng Theard children and women shouting inside the cottage, People from surrounding were rushing to the spot. I was at a loss what to do. Then I could realize that it would not be wise to stand idly. I at once approached to the cottage to rescue the victims trapped in the cottage. I broke through the cottage and somehow managed to save their lives. But by this time one of them was critically injured. The flames in the cottage were growing higher and higher. Within a very short time a huge number of people gathered there. They tried their utmost to extinguish the fire. They carried water in tubs, pots from the nearby pond and threw into the flame. Even women and minors from the neighbouring house came forward to extinguish the fire. They helped in carrying 29 water. Someone was carrying water and someone was throwing water standing close to the flame. After about half an hour they managed to bring the fire under control. At last the fire was fully extinguished. But by this time most parts of the cottage and belongings in it were burnt to ashes. The dewellers were grieving at their irreparable loss. At the incident I felt that neighbours are the first ones to come forward in danger.

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