Dialogue about you and your friend on environment pollution

A dialogue between myself and my friend (Tania) about environment pollution:
Myself : Good afternoon, Tania. 
Tania: Good afternoon. How are you? 
Myself : I am fine. And you? 
Tania : I am not so fine. I'm suffering from headache. 
Myself : I think that environment Tania pollution is responsible for this. How is our environment polluted?
Tania:  Air is polluted by smoke from mills, factories and motor vehicles. 
Myself : How is water polluted?
Tania: Water is polluted by chemical fertilizer, human waste and industrial waste etc. 
Myself : You are absolutely right. How is sound polluted? 
Tania : Sound from motor vehicles, mills, factories, television, cassettes player etc, causes sound pollution?
Myself : Thank you. 
Tania : Thank you too.

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