Tree Plantation Paragraph For Any Class

Tree plantation means planting saplings beside houses and in the roads and fallow lands. Tree plantation is very important for our survival on earth. Trees help us in many ways. Trees supply us oxygen without which we cannot live. They give us timber, food, shelter and medicine. They save the houses from cyclone and storms. They help to cause rain Because of deforestation world temperatures are increasing day by day. We must protect our forests and stop cutting trees at random to save mankind. Trees take in carbon dioxide, produce oxygen and prevent air pollution, They provide habitats to the birds and the other wild animals. In this way, it maintains earth's ecological balance. The loss of trees will have serious effect on human beings and on our environment. Our environment will lose its balance. There will be less rainfall. If there are no trees in our forests, one day our country will turn into a desert. The rainy season and autumn are the best time for tree plantation. We should make the people conscious of the importance of tree plantation. Every man should plant at least one sapling. People should be given saplings at a low price. Only then tree plantation program will be successful.
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    Md Mijanur Rahaman (MR)
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