Climate Change Paragraph For Any Class

Climate change is the most pressing issue at the moment over the world. The cause of climate change can be divided into two categories. Those are due to natural causes and those are created by men. Global warming is the main natural reason and using harmful chemicals in everyday life is the main human-made reason. The climate is changing rapidly that result in the rise of the earth's average temperature. The global climate change and its consequences are leaving a bad impact on the developing countries to face natural calamities and poverty Climate change impacts include temperature rise, greenhouse and carbon dioxide gas emissions, erratic rainfall salinity intrusion, rise of floods, cyclones, storm surges and fraught, ice sheets melting which will seriously affect the agriculture and livelihood, especially at the poor. Bangladesh, for its geographical locations, is likely to be the most affected. A one-meter sea level rise will submerge about one-third of the total area of Bangladesh, which will uproot 25-30 million people of Bangladesh. To reduce the bad impact of climate change people should be aware. Tree plantation can reduce global warming which is the main natural reason of climate change. Stop using harmful chemicals can reduce environmental pollution which is the main man made reason of climate change.
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