Traffic Jam Paragraph For Any Class

Traffic jam means a long line of vehicles on a road that cannot move or can only move very slowly. Traffic jam has become a common phenomenon in the big cities of Bangladesh. Narrowness of roads, too many vehicles, violation of traffic rules both by divers and passers-by, over taking tendency and an insufficient number of traffic police are the main cause of traffic jam. The indiscriminate playing of rickshaw is another causes of it. Haphazard parking of vehicles alongside the pavement also causes of it. Traffic jam kills peoples valuable time, harms the national economy and contributes to the environment pollution. To address the problems of traffic jam, traffic rules must be strictly followed. Unlicensed and reckless drivers must be brought under punishment. The number of traffic police must be increased and most importantly the number of vehicles must be kept under control.We can reduce it by raising public awareness.

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