Family system of Kenya and Bangladesh Paragraph For Any Class

Polygamy is a marriage system in which a man can have more than one wife. Similarly, a woman can also have more than one husband in this system. On the other hand, monogamy is the practice of marrying only one person at a time. I live in a nuclear family which consists of my father, mother and myself. We are living in a city where the cost of living is very high. As a member of a nuclear family, I enjoy some special advantages such as proper education, sufficient food, clothing and accommodation and maximum love and affection from my parents. But as both of my parents are always out for their job, I, sometimes, feel lonely. In a Kenyan society, there are also nuclear families like ours. Most of the nuclear families live in the different cities of Kenya just as we are living. Besides, the living cost in the cities both of Kenya and Bangladesh is very expensive. On the other hand, I also find some differences between the family system of the two countries. In our country, although there were many extended families in the past, polygamy was never the common form of marriage. But in Kenya polygamy was the most common form of marriage and it still exists.

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