Adopting Illegal Process in the Examination Paragraph For Any Class

Unfairmeans or adopting illegal process in the examination is very bad. I am strictly against this shameful task. For the gradual development of the students of face the challenges of the modern era. It is undoubtedly a great barrier. The educational curricula in our country are not suitable for the present world. We are still accustomed to memorizing and then vomiting in the examination hall. We do not try for creativity. Our teachers and guardians also follow the same way. We depend on the notes prepared by the private tutors. For daily business, our parents cannot give us enough time. It makes the students hopeless and every consider the private tutors as a solution for this. So day by day our standard of education is decreasing. Recently the authorities have taken some steps to prevent the unfairmeans from the examination. The students must develop their communicative skills and they have to grow creativity within themselves to do well in the examination. Memorizing method is going to be abolished. The teachers will be suspended and fined if found guilty. Moreover, the teacher supporting any unfairness will go to jail. The expelled student may not get a chance again to attend the exam. Thereby their education life may be collapsed. So the guardians should remain careful of their children. If these measures are implemented strictly, it will help upgrade the standard of our education system.

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