World Cup Cricket In Bangladesh Composition

World Cup Cricket In Bangladesh

Cricket is a very enjoyable outdoor game. Though it is not our national game, it has become popular in our country. World cup cricket is one of the greatest shows on earth. The first World Cup Cricket was held in England in 1975. It is held once in every four years. This year (2011) the 10th World Cup Cricket has been held. We are lucky enough to be one of the host countries to arrange the World Cup Cricket. The other host countries are India and Srilanka. Though cricket is the national game of the English, in Bangladesh it has earned much popularity.

Bangladesh won the ICC trophy in 1997 and got chance to play in World Cup Cricket tournament in Great Britain in 1999. Bangladesh showed outstanding performance in the World Cup tournaments by defeating the giant countries. Bangladesh also got the prestige of being a test playing country.

World Cup Cricket is always interesting. As Bangladesh has become one of the host countries for the first time, it has become a great joy, enthusiasm and aspiration for the people of Bangladesh. Before the fixed date, the two venues of Bangladesh were completely prepared. The two-mega cities namely Dhaka and Chittagong were beautifully decorated. This year fourteen countries took part in the World Cup Cricket. They were divided into two groups. The inaugural ceremony was held in Bangladesh on the 17th February 2011 at 6 pm in the Bangabandho Stadium, Dhaka. To be the spectators of this programme, people had to collect tickets from City Bank and Agrani Bank through much hardship. The large and long awaited lines before the banks prove that people of Bangladesh are cricket emotional. No other opening ceremony of the World Cup Cricket was so spectacular as it. Honourable Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the programme. On that ceremony the customs and traditions of Bangladesh were highlighted. The fourteen captains entered into the field by three wheeled cars named Rickshaw. Singers and artists of Bangladesh and other host countries performed their best to entertain the andience. The Indian singer named Mahadevan Shanker sang the theme song of the 10th World Cup Cricket. The Canadian singer Bryan Adams also impressed the audience most.

The 10th World Cup ended through 49 matches. Of them, eight matches were held in Bangladesh. The final match was held on the 2nd April 2011 in India between India and Srilanka. India won the match and became the World Cup champion 2011. Being a host county, Bangladesh has earned much praise from the I.C.C. and the world community. Through patience, hospitality and providing security, the govt. of Bangladesh has earned much fame. Undoubtedly, it is a great achievement for Bangladesh.

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