The Scholar and The Boatman Story

The Scholar and The Boatman

There was a poor boatman in a village. He was illiterate. He used to row boat from morning till evening only to meet his both ends. There was a no meaning of knowledge to him. It was dea the month of Baishakh. A scholar got into his boat. He was enjoying his journey very much because the weather was very fine. It was almost dark. He was gossiping with the boatman. "Did you have any knowledge about the creation of the universe?" the scholar asked the boatman. "No." replied the boatman. The scholar got astonished and told him, "Without the knowledge of astronomy hall of your life is spoilt. The boatman was sad and thought of the uselessness of his life. He again asked the boatman. Do you know about the history of human civilization? The reply of the boatman was the same as before. This time the scholar told the boatman that he had already spoilt three-fourths of his life and he could not come to any use to the society. The boatman kept silent and went on rowing boat in a sad mood. 49. Suddenly the weather became gusty. The sky was overcast with clouds. There was darkness all around. There was also heavy showers with lightening. The boat was about to capsize. The scholar was trembling with fear. But the boatman was very quiet because he was used to this weather. He asked the scholar. "Sir. do you know how to swim?" The scholar replied. crying. "No". "Now the boatman said. "Alas! your life is totally spoilt. Pray to God for your safety."

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