Swift and a Hotel Boy Story

Swift and a Hotel Boy

Jonathan Swift went to a hotel to have food. He had his food with an utmost taste. He became very pleased with a boy of the hotel. He wanted to reward the boy. He sent for the boy and gave some pounds and said, "Take them and buy what you please but one condition only. You must not buy any foreign article except the pure Irish one.
The boy nodded his head and left the place being very happy. He returned to Swift about after two hours with a lot of books into his clasp. On seeing the books, Swift was astonished and surprised. These are by his own! Being surprised, he asked the boy, "What! I see you have bought all books —”
"Yes sir," says the boy, "these are absolutely pure Irish things as you have told. The writer belongs to our country. Nobody writes ever such good writings."

Moral: Jewels know the jewels.

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