Nightmare Experience of Life Story

Nightmare Experience of Life

I live with my uncle and aunt on a tiny island called Kukuri Kukuri char. As usual I went to bed at 10.30 pm. after taking my suffer and fell into deep sleep. At about 12 pm. a cyclone occured. It was attended with tidal bore. It washed away my world. But I did not know a little of it. It was the middle of the night when my uncle woke me up and told me to climb a tree. I thought he was playing a joke with me though he is not a person who plays jokes. When uncle woke me it was very dark. I could hear the wind blowing hard and roaring in the branches of the tree. He hurried me outside and I couldn't even see the stars, so the sky must have been covered with clouds. It seemed an odd time to climb trees and I started to ask questions, but uncle told me not to argue and to get climbing. I knew the best way up with my eyes shut. I felt for the low branch above my head, pulled myself up until I could hook my legs over it and hoisted myself up and on to it. When the cyclone was over. I came down from the tree. But what I saw was very miserable. I saw the dead bodies of many people. There were no sign of houses and trees anywhere. That was a nightmare experience of my life.

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