Importance of Reading Newspaper Composition

Importance of Reading Newspaper
The Benefits of Reading Newspaper

Newspaper is called the mirror of the world and reading newspaper means having a grasp over the happenings all over the world. In this age of information technology, we have access to a numbe of mass media. But none of them is comparable to newspaper because reading newspaper has a number of benefits.

The most important thing about reading newspaper is that it takes us to a store house of knowledge. It adds to our general knowledge and keeps us up-to-date. It broadens our mind and outlook. Secondly, newspaper gives us deeper insight into an event than other media do. We can read an article of a newspaper in a leisurely fashion as many time as we like. Thirdly, reading newspaper is never boring. It is because newspaper covers a variety of interesting topics appealing to reader of all tastes. If we go through a daily newspaper, we can get knowledge about current news, business, sports, education. literature, entertainment, fashion, food and so on. Fourthly, reading newspaper is the proper utilization of our time because it gives us both pleasure and knowledge. More importantly, from newspaper we learn easily and quickly as it is both pleasing and practical. Fifthly, reading newspaper sharpens our reading habit. This helps in our academic development. Finally, reading newspaper is not like reading and believing. We read something on the newspaper, use our judgment and then, take decision whether to believe that or not. So, our critic mind is always involved in the process. As a result, reading newspaper develops our ability of criticism.

The importance of reading newspaper can never be overstated. It is a unique gift of modern civilization and we must take our benefit out of it.

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